Events in 2022

*  30th January - Laefer Quartet - Frome

* 4th February - Laefer Quartet - Nottingham

* 5th February  - Illuminate Recital with Kumi Matsuo - Nottingham

*24th February - RBC department concert - 8pm

* 1st March - Masterclass, Leeds Conservatoire

*10 March - evening recital, Laefer Quartet, 8pm St Peter’s Fulham, St Peter’s Terrace, London SW6 7JS

*31st March - Laefer Quartet masterclass, RBC

*30th June - RBC Saxophone Day 2022

* 9th - 16th July - Philomel Music Academy 2022

* 25th - 29th July - NYO Residency - July 2022

* 2nd September 1pm - St James, Louth Concert Series,

*October 8th - 7pm - Consevatoire Concerts Godalming with Laefer Quartet - more info here

* 11th October - Peteborough Concert Series with Charles Matthews - more info here

* 13th October - Leicester Grammar School Saxophone Festival - more info here

*October 15th - 5pm  Concerts for Craswall, Evening recital with Laefer Quartet - more info here

* 30th October 10am- 5pm - CASSGB Clarinet and Saxophone Festival with Laefer Quartet- more info here

*9th November 7pm - GSMD Saxophone Ensemble project - more info here

* 25th November 1.15pm - Laefer Quartet masterclass and recital at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. More info here

Events in 2021

*24th January - Music Maze with BCMG

*30th January - Aldeburgh Young Musicians - online masterclass

*20th February  -  Aldeburgh Young Musicians - online masterclass

*26th February - Music Maze with BCMG

*27th March - Aldeburgh Young Musicians - online masterclass

*28th March - Music Maze with BCMG

*3rd April - online masterclass for UW-Eau Claire, USA

* 5th May - Masterclass at GSMD

*9th May - Zig Zag for BCMG

*10th May - Walton: Facade an Entertainment with Orchestra of the Swan

*16th June - Lunchtime recital with the Laefer Quartet

* 29th June - 1st July - School's tour with the Leap Ensemble, RBC

*2nd July - Singing Tree Project with BCMG and Chloe Knibbs

*22nd - 25th July - Pontebba SaxFest, Pontebba, Italy

*25th - 30th July - Woodwind tutor for the Philomel Academy, Harrow School:

*7th September - Walton Facade with the Orchestra of the Swan, Courtyard Theatre, Hereford. 

*9th - 10th October - JazzSmart Weekend, Durlston Court School, Barton on Sea, Hampshire. More info here: JazzSmart

*15th October -  Birmingham Barber lunchtime concert, University of Birmingham -  Illuminate Women's Music. Recital with pianist Kumi Matsuo. More info here: Illuminate

*19th October - Leicester Soundbites lunchtime concert series - Illuminate Women's Music. Recital with pianist Kumi Matsuo. More info here: Illuminate

*23rd October -  ?St Peter's ChurchSt Peter's Gate, Nottingham - Coffee Concert  with Kumi Matsuo. More info here: Illuminate

*24th October - Music Up Close, Lunchtime recital at Haddinton Concert Society, The Town House, Haddington with Laefer Quartet. More info here:  Laefer

*14-15 December - Cardiff University. Masterclass and recital with Kumi Matsuo. More information here: Illuminate

Events in 2020


*4th January - Aldeburgh Young Musicians

* 21st January, masterclass at the Purcell School, London

* 30th January, RBC, "Ex Machina" more details here:  Ex Machina

* 7th March - Vilnius, Lithuania, masterclass for Bronius Jonusas Music School,  XI International Bronius Jonusas Wind and Percussion Instruments Conference 

* 14th March, 7.30pm, Leighton Buzzard - recital with Pavel Timofeyevsky, click HERE for details

* Postponed  - 18th March, Lunchtime concert in Esher with the Laefer Quartet

* Postponed - 14th April, 8pm, St David's Hall, Cardiff, recital with Laefer Quartet

* Postponed - 17th April, 7.3opm, Emmanuel College, Cambridge,

* Postponed-  21st April, RBC, - lunchtime recital with Yshani Perinpanayagam for the Illuminate

* Postponed- 25th April, 1pm, St Clements Danes, London -lunchtime recital with Yshani Perinpanayagam for the Illuminate Series.

* Postponed-  1st May, Goldsmiths University. Evening recital with  Yshani Perinpanayagam for the Illuminate Series.

* Postponed-  6th - 9th May, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Music, Slovenia - teaching/playing as part of a Erasmus Exchange

* Postponed- 11th May, lunchtime recital at St Peter's Notting Hill concert series with the Laefer Quartet

* LIVE DIGITAL RECITAL ON 29TH JUNE 1st June, lunchtime recital with Yshani Perinpanayagam for the Illuminate Series.

* Postponed-  21st June, Guest Artist for the Scottlsh Saxophone Academy, 'Big Blaw'

*Postponed -17th July, St James' Church, Louth. Lunchtime Recital, 1.05pm

* Postponed - 5th August, Cape Town, South Africa - Bowed Electrons Festival with Sounding Cities. Details at:

*17th - 18th October, Hampshire - Jazzsmart weekend. See HERE for more details. 

* 22nd October, York University. Recital with Yshani Perinpanayagam for:



* 18th January - Derby Chamber Music Society, University of Derby. Syzygy recital. Visit SYZYGY'S website for details

* 6th February - 'syzygy' at Peak Music Society, Edensor Church. Visit SYZYGY'S website for full details

* 2nd March  - Saxophone Day, Bedford. More info to follow

* 16th - 17th May - masterclasses and recital at the 'G. Rossini' Music Conservatoire, Pesaro, Italy

* 25th June - Masterclass at the Royal College of Music

* 5th July - Recital with Laefer Quartet, Brickwall Music and Arts

* 23rd August - Recital at St James Church, Louth

* 13th - 16th September - masterclasses and recitals Campus AFAM realizzato dal ISSM Tchaikovsky di Nocera Terinese a Cetraro, at Fortissimo Classica Festival

*21st September - London Open House - Wigmore Hall, check Sounding Cities website for more information.

* 3rd October, 7pm, Goodman Gallery, London,, joining Joao Orecchia and friends

* 14th October - Masterclass at Wells Cathedral School, (

*15th October, Sounding Cities at Trinity Laban, London

* 31st October - Sounding Cities at [email protected] Hall, 6.50pm

* 9th - 10th November, saxophone festival at Lucerne School of Music, Erasmus Exchange

* 11th December - London, masterclass for HRH's Household Division saxophonists.

*13th - 15th December - International Stage, Fermo

* 16th - 18th December 2017 - masterclass and recital, Conservatoire 'G. Frescobaldi' of Ferrara

Past events:


* 30th January 2018 - masterclass, Purcell School, London

* 21st March 2018 - recital with organist Charles Matthews, 11am, Union Chapel, Upper Street, London

* 17th April 2018 - Chetham's School of Music, performance classes

* 21st April 2018 - evening recital with pianist Pavel Timofeyevsky, 7.30pm, Toddington Music Society, Toddington

* 29th April 2018 - masterclass and recital, Wells Cathedral School, Single Reed Day, Wells

* 5th May 2018 - 'syzygy' at cross-arts weekend at APT Gallery for 2021 Concerts

* 14th July 2018 - Concerto with Djangoly Community Orchestra, Nottingham* July 2018 - World Saxophone Congress, Zagreb, Croatia

* 3rd August 2018 - Lunchtime Recital, St James Church, Louth, Lincolnshire

* August 2018 - "Sounding Cities", Johannesburg, Durban, South Africa:

13th -19th August - The Centre for the Less Good Idea - collaboration and creative workshops

22nd August – Performance and workshop at the University of the Witwatersrand

23rd August – Workshops with MIAGI Cape Gate Centre for Music

24th August – Performance at The Centre for the Less Good Idea, Johannesburg

25th August – Saxophone and clarinet masterclasses with students from Johannesburg schools and the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra 

25th August - collaborative performance of music and film at The Bioscope, Johannesburg

29th – 31st August – Participation and performances in SASRIM Conference

* 23rd September 2018 - Guest Artist for CASSGB Single Reed Day, Nottingham. Click here for more information

* 29th November 2018 - 'Sounding Cities' in Birmingham. For more details, visit

* 30th November 2018 - 'Sounding Cities' in Birmingham. For more details, visit

* 4th December 2018 - 'syzygy', lunchtime recital at St-Mary-le-Page, Ipswich. Visit SYGYZY'S website for details

* 11th - 12th December 2018 - masterclass and recital at Royal Conservatorium van Amsterdam

* 14 - 16th December 2018 - masterclass and recital - Internazional Stage of Scatolone in Fermo, Italy. Click here for more details


* 16th March 2017 - premiere of Ian Stewart's Orange Haze as part Birmingham Conservatoire's Frontiers series

* 16th - 22nd April 2017 - Andorra Saxophone Festival, jury member

* 9th June 2017 -  recital with the Rohmer Quartet as part of the 'Shenfest' music festival

* 29th June 2017 - masterclass at the Purcell School, London

* 30th July 2017 - Hindhead Summer School

* July 2017 - 'alpha' release of the game, 'Cattails' - music by Tormod Garvin and played by Naomi. Visit the game's website by clicking here

* 18th August 2017 - lunchtime recital, saxophone and piano, 1pm, St James Church, Louth

*10th September 2017 - BCMG Canal Serenade, On Narrow Boats, 4.00pm, Birmingham Canals

*7th October 2017 - "alt-classical" with 'syzygy' and the iyatra quartet. Including the world premiere of Paul Evernden's Ta Hiera for 3 soprano saxophones Herne Hill Festival,  7.30pm, Half Moon Pub, Half Moon Lane, London

*19th October - Musical Transformations - a concert of music and text inspired by Ovid. Orchestra of the Swan/Royal Shakespeare Company. Click here for more info. 

*25th October - Crossing Paths - a collaboration with Clare Loveday/Birmingham Conservatoire saxophone department. Celebrating new works by some Johannesburg's most creative composition voices. Click here for more information. 

*4th and 5th November - BCMG/NOFA winter session, Warwick University, click here for more information. 

*13th December 2017 - saxophone/poetry/electronics. The Victoria, Dalston. Click here for venue and event details. 

*15th - 17th December 2017 - masterclass and recital - Internazional Stage of Scatolone in Fermo, Italy

*18th - 19th December 2017 - masterclass and recital, Conservatoire 'G. Frescobaldi' of Ferrara